Roasted Kukicha
Roasted Kukicha

Roasted Kukicha

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This roasted Kukicha (or Kaga boucha). This makes for an exciting cup as it has a different flavor profile than most teas, because the twigs of the tea plant are used instead of the leaves. It has a pleasant roasted smell and flavor with very little astringency and bitterness in the steeped cup. This tea makes for a full-bodies, soothing, slightly sweet tea with a richly woody flavor. Mild and soothing, Roasted Kukicha twig tea is quite low in caffeine and can be enjoyed at any hour.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea.

Steeping Instructions: use one teaspoon of leaves with for every 8 fl oz 70-80ºC/ 158-170°F water; steep for ~3 minutes*.

About the tea: Contains caffeine.

Per 2 oz tea, you get approximately 25-30 cups of tea.

*Tastes are different. The steeping instructions are recommendations, but we suggest experimenting with different steeping temperatures to find your preferred tea taste. Depending on the water quality boiling the water may be advisable. You can let the water cool to the desired temperature.