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Thoughtfully Crafted. Swiss Inspired.

Tea & Tisane Blends.

Tea of the Month

We ♥ TEA


Inspired by the long tea tradition in Germany and Switzerland. Herbal teas have been used for centries both for enjoyment and health benefits. Our collection of tea/tisane blends offers something for everyone. From a refreshing morning cup, to a sip of stress-releave after a long day, to your child's favorite new healthy drink. We got you covered.

A blend for every season

No matter the temperature or your temperment. We have the perfect tea for any weather and any mood: Enjoy cheerful spring days with one of our mild herbal creations; stay cool by creating an iced tea with one of our refreshing blends; savor the colorful days of fall with our late summer herb mixes, and warm your body, mind, and soul on cold winter days with our winter spice blends.

Tea party star

Be the star of your child's next tea party by serving one of our delicious caffeine-free herbal tea/tisane blends.

Environmental Impact

How we live and work on this earth is important to us. We are serious about leaving as low of a carbon footprint as possible. Whenever possible we source our ingredients from fair trade and/or organic certified producers who also focus on sustainablity and who make sure that their products are ethical, ecological, and economical.