Mango Matcha (organic)
Mango Matcha (organic)

Mango Matcha (organic)

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A divine Matcha Match: Mango and green tea are made for each other. The natural mango aroma bursts with flavor. Perfect for Matcha Latte! Enjoy with or without sugar. When you drink Matcha, you not only consume the infusion, but get all the benefits from the tea leave. A single cup of high quality matcha contains the nutrient value of about 10 cups of regular green tea.

Ingredients: Green tea, natural flavor (all ingredients are organic compliant)

Steeping Instructions: mix 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of matcha powder with about 2 oz of hot water 195°F/91°C; stir until matcha becomes a smooth paste; add your matcha suspension to a cup; froth and heat milk; add heated milk to cup with matcha suspension; add foamy milk on top.

About the tea: A green tea of the different kind. Matcha, as all true teas, comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. But the cultivation and processing of the leaves is different from any other tea. All matcha is produced from shade-grown tea, which alters the naturally occurring levels of caffeine, flavanols, sugars, antioxidants, and amino acids. During processing the green tea leaves are milled instead of rolled and shaped like other teas, yielding a fine green powder. Contains caffeine.

Store in a cool place and consume within 3 month of opening.