Icewine White
Icewine White

Icewine White

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This white tea blend tastes smooth and silky with light Riesling and berry
notes. A mild astringent >nish.
Ingredients: White tea (Bai Mu Tan), Ontario Ice Wine, and Natural Kavors
(organic compliant).
Steeping Instructions: use one teaspoon of leaves for every 8 K oz 180°F/82°C
water; steep for 3-7 minutes.*
About the tea: The white tea used in this blend is a Pai mu tan from Fujian. This
tea is often described as jammy, with sweet notes – perfect for layering with
the sweet icy wine. Contains caffeine.
Per 2 oz tea, you get approximately 25-30 cups of tea.

*Tastes are different. The steeping instructions are recommendations, but we suggest
experimenting with different steeping temperatures to >nd your preferred tea taste.
Depending on the water quality boiling the water may be advisable. You can let the water
cool to the desired temperature.