Chestnut - Returns Fall 2022
Chestnut - Returns Fall 2022

Chestnut - Returns Fall 2022

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Holidays here we come. Chestnut reminds me of my childhood growing up in Austria and Germany. During Christmas time we went to the holiday markets, which are a beautiful display of lights and offer almost an overload of the most delicious smells. There are booth selling holiday décor crafted with spices like cinnamon , others offer mulled wine (and a alcohol free kids version), roasted chestnuts, caramelized almonds, gingerbread, and other sweet and savory delights.
Set the scene and add snow on the ground and while you are there it also starts to snow, not a crazy blizzard, but just enough to have a snowflake once in a while dance on your nose. Those are precious and magical memories.
We always got roasted chestnuts when we went to the holiday market. They warm your hands and are so delicious. They have a slight sweetness to them with a mild nutty flavor.
Drinking this black tea flavored with natural chestnut flavor reminds me of those memories. I add some milk and sugar, close my eyes and I am back, transported into the middle of a sparkling holiday market with it's delightful aromas.

It is a Ceylon black tea and has a pretty high caffeine content. The chestnut flavor is subtle, but you can definitely taste it. Its full flavor comes out when adding milk and sugar (or your sweetener of choice).

Ingredients: Black tea, Natural chestnut flavors.

Steeping Instructions: use one teaspoon of leaves for every 8 fl oz 212°F/100°C water; steep for 3-7 minutes.

Per 2 oz tea, you get approximately 18-20 cups of tea.

About the tea: Ceylon tea. Contains caffeine.